A Basic Piece in Constant Beat

for drum set, acoustic guitar, double bass, electronics, and video


Performed by

Dustin Donahue, drum set

Pablo Gómez, acoustic guitar

Scott Worthington, double bass

Constantin Basica, electronics/video


Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

UC San Diego, CA

April 22, 2015

This piece presents a fictitious performance of an Ableton Live set that is being created from scratch, while the MIDI clips and audio effects are performed by the acoustic instruments on stage. Max is used for its video capabilites to fabricate a persuasive representation of a Live set. The prerecorded screen capture of  Live is projected from a Max patch, while another video patch grabs the signal levels from Ableton Live in real-time, as well as the date and time from the menu bar, and overlays them on the prerecorded video, in order to make it seem like a "Live" set. In addition, Max is used to synchronize the video scores for the three performers.